Marble Flooring

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TR Floors is a professional stone cleaning and restoration company that specializes in services ranging from performing routine maintenance on stone floors and granite counter tops to solving complex tile, grout and stone problems. Our Partners combined have been in the floor restoration business for over forty years and with our knowledge we can help you to preserve and maintain your investment of lasting beauty in natural stone.

Marble Flooring Information Overview

Marble is a natural stone in a class by itself, and for an air of sophistication and artistry, marble is the classic choice. Marble tiles and slabs are ornate and alluring with a naturally elegant appearance, and are suitable for a variety of effects. For an application such as a front hallway or foyer, marble tile flooring certainly sets an affluent and professional tone.

There are over 8,000 types of marble on the market today. Listing every available type would be impossible, but some common characteristics make it fairly easy to identify marble.

  • Commercially defined as any limestone that will take a polish, marbles are composed of minerals of calcite or dolomite.
  • In its purest form, marble is white. Colored marbles are the result of other minerals mixed with the calcite or dolomite.
  • No matter what color, marble will usually have some type of veining running through it. The veins can be of a different color of the main stone. An exception is Thassos White: it has little or no veining.
  • Marble is relatively soft when compared to other stones like granite. It will scratch easily. If a knife blade is run lightly across the stone surface and a scratch is left-it's most likely marble. This "test" is not recommended for the middle of your floor; if you need to determine the product, pick an inconspicuous spot. On dark marbles, these scratches will appear as light lines on the surface; on lighter-colored marbles it may be difficult to see the scratch.
This stone is very sensitive to acidic chemicals and exposure will leave dull spots. Some acidic chemicals are: lemon, tomato and tomato sauce, coffee, fruit juices, wine, tile cleaners like TileX, mildew removers, X-14, cleaners with lemon, muriatic acid (used to decrease pool pH), and vinegar.